Structural Insulated Panels

A Sustainable, Innovative and Efficient Approach to Building

What are SIP Panels?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a modern and efficient method of construction, utilising off-site manufacture, and suitable for a variety of uses, ranging from small ancillary buildings through to residential, commercial, leisure and public sector construction projects. The panels consist of an insulating foam core, sandwiched with a structural sheathing and bonded under high compression with specialist adhesive.

All of our panels are fabricated off-site to exacting standards, at our purpose-built manufacturing facility, using the highest quality closed cell EPS insulation and FSC certified and structurally graded orientated strand board.

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Our 11mm Standard and 15mm Heavy Duty SIP Panels are 2440mm x 1220mm in size and are priced per panel. We supply three different specification of panels and each are recommended for use in different settings and can be supplied in any quantity you require.

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Why SIPs?

Structural insulated panels are one of the most sustainable and efficient construction materials, both during manufacture and construction, and create energy-efficient buildings suitable for a variety of uses.

  • DIY Garden Rooms
  • Home Extensions
  • Annexes
  • Bespoke Buildings
  • Airbnb / Holiday Lets
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Education Buildings
  • Sports Facilities
  • Leisure Buildings
  • Park Homes
  • Self-Build Homes
  • Garden Rooms, Offices, Studios and Pods

SIPs: A Sustainable and Efficient Approach to Building

SIPs are one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient building systems and offer a more innovative and quicker method of construction than traditional building methods. The benefits of SIPs construction results in a high-quality construction combined with a highly environmentally solution to traditional building methods.

Its lightweight structure reduces carbon emissions for the footings, transportation and construction, while its thermal efficiency reduces the carbon emissions over the building’s lifetime and the recyclable insulation, coupled with the low-waste off-site manufacturing and construction process, ensure high levels of efficiency from start to finish. The adoption of such construction techniques will be instrumental in decarbonizing the built environment and achieving net zero by 2050, an essential target set out at COP26.

The Benefits of Building with SIPs

Faster Construction Speeds

The premanufactured nature of SIP panels offers a significantly reduced site installation time in comparison to traditional construction methods such as masonry or timber framing.

This minimises disruption on site and provides a weather-tight structural shell in as little as a few days. Building with SIPs can be up to three time faster than traditional building methods.

The construction of a SIPs superstructure is much less reliant on weather conditions than traditional brick and mortar, allowing fast installation all year round.

Reduced Energy Costs

SIPs are very airtight in its construction and with less timber required than traditional timber frame construction, there is a vast reduction of cold bridges in the wall build up and less energy is needed to heat and cool rooms.

Our panels are constructed with high quality close cell grey EPS insulation, an inert material which, unlike PIR and PUR insulation, does not off-gas or degrade over time. This ensures a healthy living environment and a building fabric that will perform consistently over time.

These factors, coupled with the exacting quality control and manufacturing tolerances we work to, offer a highly efficient thermal envelope for your project.

Lower On-Site Costs

Due to the stringent, tried and tested design and manufacturing process, materials work harmoniously together, delivering a highly predictable and reliable product whilst minimising construction waste and labour costs.

This reduces site equipment hire and labour costs, as well as minimising any disruption on site and provides a weather tight structural shell in as little as a few days.

With less trades and materials required and less waste onsite, SIPs buildings are naturally more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

High Structural Performance

The composite construction of SIPs offers enhanced structural performance, strength and stability in comparison to traditional construction methods.

They offer versatility and flexibility in their usage and are capable of withstanding extreme weather and climate conditions, while being stronger and less susceptible to shifting than traditional timber framing.

SIPs do not degrade or deteriorate over time and are up to five times stronger than timber frame construction.

Our SIP wall and roof systems have been subject to a rigorous testing schedule, undertaken by third party building materials and technology experts, to British Standard design loads.

Lightweight Prefabricated Structure

In addition to being incredibly strong, SIPs construction is a lightweight system. This can minimise disruption on site, utilising low impact footings (where ground conditions permit), requiring less labour and allowing for easier handling on site during construction.

Its lightweight structure makes it ideal for sites with access challenges and smaller sites and reduces carbon emissions for the footings, transportation and construction.

SIP panels can be combined with a range of other building materials, such as stone, wood, brick, block, tiles, slate, steel and glass, offering a high degree of design flexibility.

Uses for SIPs

Standard Sizes, Specs and Prices

Future SIPs supply three different specifications of panels, each recommended for use in different settings. Prices are per panel and can be ordered in any quantity.

Size Range
Overall Panel

75mm up to 200mm

97mm up to 222mm

Garden rooms
Infill panels
15mm Heavy
Duty SIP

75mm up to 200mm

105mm up to 230mm

Garden Rooms
Infill panels
(more appropriate
when heavier
need to be attached
to walls e.g. cabinets
and cupboards)
150mm up to 250mm

See table below
for sizes

Home Extensions
House Construction
Commercial Buildings

Our annexes, home extension kits and bespoke build kits all use our Building Control Approved and tested SIP panels.

Download Building Control Approved SIP Panel Summary Sheet
Code Insulation Size U Value Price
FS75-11 75mm 0.39 £103.68
FS100-11 100mm 0.31 £116.64
FS125-11 125mm 0.25 £129.60
FS150-11 150mm 0.21 £142.56
FS175-11 175mm 0.19 £155.52
FS200-11 200mm 0.16 £168.48

11mm Standard SIP Panels

Prices inc VAT

SIP panels consist of two sheets of OSB3 (oriented standard boards) adhered to a sheet of rigid foam insulation. These panels are compressed together under high pressure to form a structurally strong panel, set with specialist adhesive.

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Code Insulation Size U Value Price
FS75-15 75mm 0.39 £155.52
FS100-15 100mm 0.31 £171.07
FS125-15 125mm 0.25 £184.03
FS150-15 150mm 0.21 £206.06
FS175-15 175mm 0.19 £222.61
FS200-15 200mm 0.16 £238.46

15mm Heavy Duty SIP Panels

Prices inc VAT

Increased thickness of insulation achieves the required level of insulation for the desired end use or product. Heavy duty panels are used when cupboards and cabinets are being fixed to the wall, due to their increased thickness.

Download Price List

U Value Price
2440 x 1220 x 180



2440 x 1220 x 205



2440 x 1220 x 230



FS175 -BC
2997 x 1197 x 208



FS200 -BC
2997 x 1197 x 233



Building Control Approved SIP Panels

Prices inc VAT

Our Building Control Approved SIPs have been rigorously tested for strength and performance and are suitable for use in house construction, home extensions and a range of commercial and domestic settings that require structural calculations and need to pass Building Regulations.

Download Price List
Code To fit insulation size Price each
IS-75 75mm £11.16
IS-100 100mm £12.15
IS-125 125mm £13.15
IS-150 150mm £14.29
IS-175 175mm £15.39
IS-200 200mm £16.62

Insulated Joining Splines

Prices inc VAT

The thermal efficiency of SIP panels is far higher than traditional build techniques and cold bridging is reduced due to insulated joining spines.

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Such excellent service!

My wife and I just wanted to thank Richard, yourself and the rest of the team for all the support, ad hoc technical tips and advice that we got whilst building our Garden Room. I know that I visited the show room 2 or 3 times and Richard and the team, even though quite busy, showed us every courtesy and help. Such excellent service! I have finally completed the build of our 3 x 5m Garden Room, and we are very pleased with it.

The kit was fantastic!

Here are some pictures of my project I completed about 2 months ago, the kit was fantastic!

It’s such a good design!

We love the room and it was so easy to build. It’s such a good design!

It’s perfect and we love it!

We use it as a gym and use it most days, it’s perfect and we love it!

Great customer service and I’ll definitely be using you guys again.

Just wanted to email to thank you and your team. Great customer service and I’ll definitely be using you guys again. The driver was a really nice guy and very helpful. The build went really well and the customer was very happy.

I am very pleased with everything

I have completed the build of my DIY room that I purchased from you and I am very pleased with everything, looks really good.

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