Our Structural Insulated Panels Pass Testing for Domestic Buildings

We’re delighted that our wall and roof systems have been fully and successfully tested to British Standard and Eurocode loadings for domestic buildings.

Every build project we work on will have a full structural design and structural appraisal from a third-party engineer, using the structural load testing data.

In addition, our panels are constructed using enhanced grey EPSinsulation.EPS is an inert material that will not off-gas or degrade over time, unlike PIR and PUR insulations, resulting in thermal performance that will remain consistent over the lifetime of the building.

The enhanced grey EPS used in our panels offers far superior thermal resistance values over standard EPS.

To assist and guide clients, architects and builders in the understanding and application of our SIPs wall and roof systems, we have a range of standard details.

Our thermal values are tailored towards ‘new thermal elements’ required for home extensions and ancillary building, including home annexes.

U values are calculated on the complete wall or roof build-up and these can be enhanced further with additional internal insulation if required.

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