SIPS Devon & Cornwall

Future SIPs are a company that manufacture and supplies Structural Insulated Panels to customers in Devon or Cornwall and the surrounding counties. These can be delivered to you or collected from our workshop in Gloucestershire. Our SIP panels offer high thermal performance and we can supply in any quantity you require. Sizes & Prices...

What Are SIPs?

Structural Insulated Panels consist of two sheets of OSB3 (oriented standard boards) adhered to a sheet of rigid foam insulation. Varying thickness of insulation achieves the required level of insulation for the desired end use or product.

We compress these panels together under high pressure to form a structurally strong panel, set with specialist adhesive.

Using walls formed from SIPs can reduce the labour and time cost associated with timber frame or masonry construction.

Insulated joining splines also reduce cold bridging, which can occur with timber-framed studwork.

These are ideal to use for the construction of garden buildings, holiday lodges, garages and single storey home extensions. For these, we can create a panel to suit your building needs and to pass Building Control requirements.

Whether you are a homeowner, builder or DIY enthusiast, Structural Insulated Panel construction can make your project quicker and more efficient than standard builds.

Why Choose Structural Insulated Panels?

  • Stronger than traditional timber build.
  • Save time and labour on construction.
  • Energy efficiency; excellent u values and thermal performance.
  • Reduced cold bridging.
  • High levels of air tightness.

Devon & Cornwall Delivery

We can deliver to you in Exeter, Plymouth, and the rest of Devon & Cornwall. FutureSips charge £1.35 + VAT per mile per mile by postcode from our workshop to your location for delivery. We can confirm the charges at the time of the order. You could also collect your order from our location in GL19.