SIPs Build Case Study Worcester

Some people wish to have a bespoke garden building that they design and build themselves. One such client of ours in Worcester had designed what they wanted. They contacted us about the design EN-VELOP had created for them and opted to use our SIPs for their project.

The Garden Room

They planned to make a combined use room with a dividing wall inside. A garage workshop was for half of the building, and the other half was an office.


Progress Photos

They designed the building themselves and ordered the required amount of panels to complete this project. We delivered the panels to their site in Worcester.

Phase two was to build the base and frame according to the plans.

The next phase was to construct the roof.

Then on with the garden building the walls.

The SIPs were all assembled, leaving space for doors and windows.

Finishing the room included adding doors and windows, installing cladding and finishing roof. This is the final result.

What Are SIPS?

Our Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs offer high thermal performance, and we supply these in any quantity you require.

Structural Insulated Panels consist of two sheets of OSB3 (oriented standard boards) adhered to a sheet of rigid foam insulation. Varying thickness of insulation achieves the required level of insulation for the desired end use or product.

During manufacture, we compress these panels together under high pressure to form a structurally strong panel, set with specialist adhesive.

Using walls formed from SIPs can significantly reduce the labour and time cost associated with timber frame or masonry construction.


Our client messages us with this feedback once they had completed this project.

We've just about finished my garden building that used your SIP panels. I've attached a few photos to show how we have used them. I'm very pleased with your product and the finished building.